ATLAS (Highroller)
1995, bronze, 126"h x 72" w x 42"d



Atlas _ Highroller is a work that operates on several formal and conceptual levels.


The formal design of this bronze sculpture suggests a human form shouldering a globe and can be viewed as a reference to the Atlas, the mythic bearer of the Earth.

The second part of the title, Highroller is two pronged. The large sphere at the top of the work is perched precariously on a sloping linear element - there is a visual sense that it will "roll off of a high place" which when coupled with the title brings to mind the indeterminacy of high stakes gambling. This idea is further underscored by the fact that the sphere or globe is a bronze casting of an actual Navy sea mine - used for underwater detonations. The "explosive" reference together with the global/earth symbolism of the Atlas myth, will hopefully enlighten viewers to the probable environment trouble ahead and raise awareness that might amend our collective behavior .