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Book Cover of Bones of the Earth, Spirit of the Land, John Van Alstine's book
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Bones of the Earth, Spirit of the Land, spans the first 25 years in the career of the internationally recognized sculptor John Van Alstine. The book traces the rapid development of the artist's work centered around his unique combination of stone and metal. It is published by Editions Ariel with introductory essay by Nicholas Capasso, curator DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Garden, Lincoln, Ma. and interview by Glenn Harper, editor of SCULPTURE MAGAZINE. Limited edition, signed copies are available by contacting the artist.

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For a signed and personalized copy of "BONES OF THE EARTH" contact John Van Alstine
by phone: 518-924-9204
by email" john@johnvanalstine.com

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The cover of John Van Alstine: Sculpture 19712018 features a large piece of slate arching across the upper-left corner of the cover.
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