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CARDINALIS (Redwing for

Orville and Wilbur)


steel, granite, aluminum and titanium

Commissioned by the Indianapolis Airport Authority,


The dynamically positioned "red wing" and its connection to the ground via the sweeping arch element, makes an immediate and obvious link to aviation. This act of "bridging" can be seen as a symbol of airports, which are in fact    "middle ground" -   the physical places in our contemporary society that connect the earth and sky. Airports are between two worlds and take on modern mythic status.

The physical shape, positioning and color of Cardinalis, with its uplifting, sweeping and graceful energy, is itself a metaphor for the act of flying . The delicate and relatively small area where it "touches down" not only gives the work great physical drama and visual excitement , it also is symbolic of the skill and "magic" needed for safe taking off and landing. Cardinalis pays homage both to the Wright Brothers and to the men and women whose skill and dedication make air travel a reality.



 installation April 2008




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