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Public Works

John Van Alstine's long involvement with placing sculpture in the outdoors has led him on a number of occasions to accept commissions for works of public art. These sculptures, chosen through competitions and sited in public places, extend the artist's concerns with the landscape by introducing

site-specificity and at times conceptually linking terrestrial place with cosmological space.


Catapulta 3-16 -Wuhu, China  
Tsinghua University - Beijing, China
Michigan State University  
2008 Beijing Olympic project  
Saratoga 911 sculpture-memorial  
Cardinalis 2006-8 - Indianapolis Airport  
Via Solaris 2006- State Univ. of Indiana, Terra Haute  
Kettering 911 Memorial  
Reed Memorial 2002 Philadelphia  
NJ TRANSIT - 2nd Street Station Sunwork Hoboken, NJ  
"Updraft" 2002  Washington, DC  
Reconsidering Sisyphus 1993-4, Jersey City, NJ  
Artery Sunwork 1993 Granite, bronze and stainless, 16'h x8'w x6'd
Artery Sunwork-1992 - Washington, DC  
1989 Granite and stainless steel, 12'h x 40'l x30'w
SCR Sunwork 1989  
East River Totem 1988  
Austin College Solstice Calendar 1986, Sheman,TX  
Granite and painted steel, 16'h x 2'w x 15'd
Big Go-Round 1983 - Richmond, VA  
Granite and welded steel, 12'h x25'w x 15'd
Trough 1982-Billings, MT